Special Needs

Family Profiles and Contact Information

We would like to introduce our family advisors and provide you with a contact number if you are in need of peer support or simply have a question that you think that they might be able to answer. (Listed in alphabetical order)


Marian is the mother of Julia, born 5-7-02; her daughter who has profound mental retardation, cortical vision impairment and intractable epilepsy. Julia is wheelchair bound and G-tube fed. Marian and her husband, Tim, have three other typical children, Jenny, Jared and Jessica. Marian is a former Special Education teacher and can be reached by calling 610-777-3809 or by email: mariangehman@juno.com


Amy is the mother of two children, Aiden, born 4-13-04 and McKenna, born 9-24-08. McKenna was born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) that was diagnosed prior to birth. Aiden struggled with speech delay and continues to receive speech therapy for an articulation delay. Amy can be reached by calling 484-955-3404 or by email:amyegroh@gmail.com


Melissa is the mother of Stephanie, her daughter with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), born 8-7-97. Stephaine is an active student in the Wilson School District. Melissa and her husband also have a younger son, Eric, who is not affected by CF. Melissa can be reached by calling 610-678-8816 or by email: msowers12@hotmail.com


Amy is the mother of Nicholas, son with Autism, born 8-7-97. Amy and her husband also have a typical older son, Jacob. Amy is a nurse in the Emergency Room at the Reading Hospital and can be reached by calling 610-796-1860 or by email: amysnest@msn.com


Carol is the mother of Adam, born 6-14-01, with complex congenital heart defects and without a spleen. Adam also suffered a stroke before he was 3 months old leaving him with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. Adam wears a leg brace and has received Botox injections. Carol and her husband, Darrell, also have an older daughter, Emily. Carol can be reached by calling 610-693-9607 or by email: brspri@aol.com


Donna is the mother of Kyle, her son with Down Syndrome, born 6-23-97. She and her husband, Mike, also have a typical younger daughter, Taylor. Kyle is a student in the Wilson School District. Donna is actively involved with the Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center and works tirelessly as an advocate at the Mental Health Association. Donna can be reached by calling 610-777-0758 or by email: wolfgsx@verizon.net