Immunization Schedule

Reading Pediatrics follows the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This schedule will satisfy all school entry requirements. Because Reading Pediatrics is committed to quality health care, we believe strongly in the safety, effectiveness, and the importance of these vaccines. Parents who do not wish to protect their children from these deadly diseases will be advised to seek medical care for their children elsewhere. For descriptions of these vaccines and the diseases they protect against, please consult the following charts. Parents concerned about the safety of these vaccines are strongly encouraged to consult the following web sites:,, or All routine immunizations administered at Reading Pediatrics are thimerosal-free.

* Please note that this schedule is subject to change when the American Academy of Pediatrics updates its recommendations. We will inform you of these changes as they occur.

Office Visit Immunizations received Injections
2 weeksnone
2 monthsPediarix, Hib, Prevnar, Rotateq3 injections, one liquid dose
4 monthsPediarix, Hib, Prevnar, Rotateq3 injections, one liquid dose
6 monthsPediarix, Prevnar, Rotateq2 injections, one liquid dose
9 monthsnone
12 monthsMMR/Varicella(combo), Hep A2 injections
15 monthsHib, Prevnar2 injections
18 monthsDTaP, Hep A2 injections
2, 3 yearsnone0
4 yearsMMR/Varicella(combo), IPV/DTaP(combo)2 injections
5 yearsnone0
6, 7, 8, 9, 10 yearsnone 0
11 or 12 yearsTdaP, Meningococcal A(#1), HPV series2-3 injections
16+Meningococcal A (#2),

Meningococcal B(#1 of 2)

2 injections